Living Room Design Ideas: 50 Incredible Center Tables

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You may not believe it, but center tables are a trend again. When it comes to decorate a living room you cannot forget this important element that occupies the most important part of your living area. Or at least the most visible one (try to left this area empty and you’ll see how everybody notices). And when it comes to chose a center table, you’ll never be out of options. Since wooden center tables to contemporary coffee tables with glass covers or metallic elements, all the living room furniture choices are on you.

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In order to help you find inspiration and ideas on choosing the best center table for your living room design, here is a list of 50 incredible center or coffee tables. Scroll down and see what center table will best suit your home decor style and taste.

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Starting with a more relaxed and casual interior design, scroll down and find some coffee tables that will look amazing in your beach house.

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