Living Room Colour Schemes – best colour palettes

When it comes to room colors, our first thoughts goes to living room paint ideas! Amongst living room colour schemes you can apply there are a few hues that are used by famous interior designers, as Jean Louis Deniot!

Living room decoration ideas 15 most popular inspirations on pinterest home inspiration ideas

Choosing living room colors is just the beginning but an important first step. Discover some of the most beautiful living room colour schemes, that will be daring and confident at the same time.

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Living Room Colour Schemes – best colour palettes home inspiration ideas

One of Home Inspiration Ideas favourite interior designers, Kelly Wearstler always get her work done so perfectly! Using living room colour schemes  as Coral Pink, Moonlight, Bleached Sun and Meteorite, she can play all over living room design with those colors. Its coral pink hues are nothing short of avant-garde when used as leather and paint-splatted upholstery.

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Best living room color schemes by Kelly Wearstler home inspiration ideas

Living room decoration ideas 15 most popular inspirations on pinterest interior-design-luxury residential-living-room-02 home inspiration ideas

In the Chicago living room, famous interior designer, Jean-Louis Deniot applied a subdued Neoclassical palette of bluish greys and pale mushroom with an update of fresh white to the bones of the room.

Luxury living room design by Jean Louis Deniot home inspiration ideas

One of the most luxurious New York apartment  – living room by Jean-Louis Deniot –  is a smart alternative to timeless ivory interiors. A beautiful ceiling maps out the geometry of the space which sticks to a simple palette in favour of statement art pieces. Living room colour schemes with blanc de blanc, pearl blue, titanium and espresso

Luxury living room design by Jean Louis Deniot home inspiration ideas

Living Room Trends (5) home inspiration ideas

The combination of blues and a splash of cranberry works beautifully against the purple-tinged greys of the metallic wallpaper and the silver pod-like coffee tables are absolutely perfect.

Living Room Colour schemes 2016 home inspiration ideas

Another famous interior designer, Greg Natale strikes again with this mix of grey room colors. In a luxuriously edgy scheme, a plum, grey and black palette are accented with brass and retro prints. The statement piece – a bang on-trend curved sofa – is even more enticing thanks to its bold colour choice which is undeniably sexy.

Famous interior designers Greg Natale inspirations home inspiration ideas

Brendan Wong often creates contrast in his projects by injecting neutral spaces with vibrant accents – emerald green against white, mustard against black, electric blue against grey.

Neutral living room paint ideas home inspiration ideas

MAYA sofa_Brendan Wong Studio home inspiration ideas

Could this living room be any more elegant? The chandelier dripping in crystals, the sofas combination, the mossy sage and olives and brindle hues… Katharine Pooley matched a classic arrangement with modern touches

Famous interior designers Katharine Pooley home inspiration ideas

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The Lancasters, Hyde Park was a development that drew on London’s most respected design studios including Helen Green Design, Intarya and Katharine Pooley. The latter’s classy white, indigo, sapphire and black scheme works well with the room’s double height.

Famous interior designers Katharine Pooley home inspiration ideas

UK interior designer Sophie Paterson has gained a following of enthusiasts of the comfortable yet elegant look. An inviting living room design which pairs a gentle purple with warm neutrals and flecks of ochre.

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Sophie Paterson room ideas home inspiration ideas

Blue and green should never be seen, except with something in between! Living room paint ideas with yibrant lemon yellow contrasts with navy blue and both accent the scheme’s marbled forest.

Room Paint ideas home inspiration ideas

Living Room Colour Schemes – best colour palettes_ home inspiration ideas

The chosen blue shades are just dusky enough to exude a natural appeal, creating this room design! The author, Helen Green! Living room colors applied: amber gold, vintage indigo, dusk blue and silver lining.

UK interior designers Helen Green living room inspirations home inspiration ideas

What do you thing about these living room colour schemes?


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