Stylish Side Tables Every Small Space Needs

If your home is really small, don’t panic. You can still have a stylish home, and you can still work your home design. Do you wonder what is the solution? With little side tables, that you can move according to your needs, you may shift them around the room to wherever they’re needed. Yes, you read right: little. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t sophisticated!

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Sometimes little is better than big, and when space is tight, side tables can be the perfect type and have just the right size. Today, Home Inspiration Ideas share you 8 favorite examples.


side tables home inspiration ideas

Bryce, by BRABBU

This side table stands strong by a sofa or an armchair where you can put a book, a cup of tea or your favourite table lamp, complementing your ideal living room.

side tables home inspiration ideas

Enchanted, by Koket

With this side table you bring into your small living room the alluring essence of an enchanted forest. Its antique gilded branch like structure can’t help but mesmerize the beholder. Top in birds eye veneer complimenting a cast brass oxidized gold plated base.

side tables home inspiration ideas

Kiki, by Koket

This side table evokes the romantic and seductive beauty of Parisian cabaret life. The revealing frilled undergarments, the surprise high kicks, hoops in a circle accompanied by blinding splendor give this table a sassy new spin on design. Polished hoops with delicate iris floral as tips support a bronze glass top embraced by a polished brass frame.

side tables home inspiration ideas

Koi, by BRABBU

Smaller side tables allow you to place a drink or snack down on top, yet are more compact, and can be moved around when needed. This selection shows you that you don’t have to give up on style to make a home design succeed! Even if it’s a small space!


side tables home inspiration ideas

Luray, by BRABBU

Its irregular but simple shape is perfect for a modern home decor. The casted brass combined with the bronze glass gives a natural feeling to the environment, where you can find the contrast of the warm colours and the winter touch. The palisander wood veneer in the lower top is what brings the surroundings intensity to this delicate and unique brass side table, a perfect complement to any modern home decor.

side tables home inspiration ideas

Mecca, by BRABBU

On the base of this stylish side table stands a green marble top, keeping all the structure balanced and united. This will enhance your interior decoration, livening up your own home rituals of living, resting and receiving your guests.

side tables home inspiration ideas

Sequoia, by BRABBU

In tones of gold and brown, this side table brings you inspiration from nature. It is perfect for a living room and surely keeps the style standard high.


side tables home inspiration ideas

Yasmine, by Koket

Whoever said the best things come in small packages was absolutely right. The Yasmine side table captures the traditional sophistication with its durable black marble top while maintaining its modern edge with its solid wooden base. Classic black lacquer and luxurious gold plated intermix to reveal each color’s respective dominance in the intricate design.

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